Mrs. Hannigan's

With a love for simpler times, Mrs. Hannigan’s confide in hundred year old instruments, tape recorders and cold beer. The two gentlemen can often be found strolling around the forest, canoeing or just rejoicing the shade on a sunny summer day. And as most things found in the wild, they just wanna be left in peace.

They are writing and playing songs, forgetting about their troubles and enjoying those days that are often planned, but seldom found.

”She did raise some fools, she sure did, Mrs. Hannigan’s.”

Crusty Golden

The Crusty Golden soundtrack is part of a multimedia project further described here.

”Look at those incredible robotics!”


Inspired by horror movie soundtracks and Donald Duck magazines, Hortensia was born on Easter Sunday. And nothing has remained the same ever since…

”Worshippers gather on the moonless night, a sacred ritual for the witch goddess commence. With blood from true believers, she rises from the body of the youth. Her skin turns green, her hair turns into headless snakes and posionous spikes protrude from her head. When the transformation is complete, the doom beams out of her eyes and goblins runs out of the polluted soil.

Ursus Arctos

The song Don’t Stray is a dedication to that feeling when you found the right one to spend the rest of your days with.

The vocal and instrumental tracks were recorded on cellphones and emailed since the featured artists Pains and Karbunkl lives in different countries.

”You make the cute birds sing.


Three young punks who shared a love for playing fast found each other in school and did what so many kids had done before; started a band.

The forceful nature of their punk rock has remained true through the years. Delivering angry and humorous lyrics dealing with politics, the meaning of life and everything related to eggs. 

”Jag trycker sakta i mig,
en gammal omelett.
Funderar och tänker,
på allting som gått snett.”